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In 2014, “Care Member” was chosen to replace “employee” when describing those who work for ArchCare. Regardless of role, all Care Members embody the spirit of caring for those who are “unable to fully care for themselves.” Care Members carry out ArchCare’s Mission, Vision and Values, bringing each to life every day. Additionally, as a Care Member, you are a member of the ArchCare community, which values Justice, Inclusiveness, Respect, Integrity, Benevolence, Humility and Spirituality.


Care Members represent the high quality of care that is given throughout the ArchCare community on a daily basis.


To enhance your service with us, ArchCare’s C.O.R.E. program is focused on engaging Care Members through training and education, recognition, wellness, work-life balance, communication and celebration. C.O.R.E. equally focuses on exceeding the expectations of our customers. Care Members work to provide high quality customer service throughout ArchCare on a daily basis. Throughout your time at ArchCare, our goal is to recognize you and celebrate your contributions. 



Click here to access ArchCare's Care Member Handbook. 



A Message from Scott LaRue, President and CEO ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

LIVE Q & A sessions for Care Members with Scott LaRue: I invite you to join me for a LIVE Q & A session specifically for Care Members. I look forward to our continued dialogue. God bless you and thank you for everything you do for those we serve. Care Member webinar sessions will resume in January 2021. 





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