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Parish Wellness

ArchCare is committed to supporting the parishes of the Archdiocese of New York to identify and address the health needs of their parishioners. A variety of services have been developed to support this goal.

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Available Services

Developing a parish health network includes a number of services. We can help your parish initiate a Volunteer Health Care Cabinet or other association of pastoral/healthcare volunteers. This is typically a group of volunteers that plan health related events for the parish with support from ArchCare. ArchCare will also help the parish establish relationships with health and social service organizations in the community.


1. TimeBank

ArchCare’s TimeBank is a free, innovative, intergenerational volunteer service exchange program that enables people to support each other in substantive ways. The TimeBank movement has a 30-year history with over 40,000 participants in 38 nations around the world. It is a reciprocal model in which members can both provide and receive services to and from other members that allow them to access critical assistance and, at the same time, feel useful and productive. Click here to learn more.  

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2. ArchCare Experience

Help your parishioners to learn more about ArchCare and how they may benefit from the products and services provided. The experience spans up to eight weeks with guest speakers discussing a variety of health topics and an ArchCare professional providing information about ArchCare. 

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3. ArchCare Information and Awareness

ArchCare will provide the parish with signs and other informational pieces regarding ArchCare to provide additional awareness to the parishioners. We have found that some parishes elect to have this information available in a variety of locations within the church proper or other appropriate parish buildings. 

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4. Health Information Quick Facts and Tips

We provide information on a variety of health conditions, developed and reviewed by our team of public health and medical professionals, including diabetes, heart health, and fall prevention, among many others. This information may be used in your church bulletin, or as stand-alone flyers. Click to learn more. 

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Learn More

For more information, please contact Michael Guglielmo, Director of Parish Integration at or at 1‑646‑633‑4758.

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