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Read these stories of how our members volunteer for the ArchCare TimeBank, exchanging favors and services with one another while building friendships of mutual support.


“ArchCare TimeBank Keeps Virginia Connected to Her Community”

After having called and visited Virginia regularly for many months, José feels blessed by their bond. He says, “I identify completely with the TimeBank helping people with their needs. That is love!”… Read More





“TimeBank Member Enriches Washington Heights, One Hour at a Time”

While in the hospital, she was visited by two TimeBank members; during rehabilitation, she was visited by nine more.  Another member, Grace, spent eight hours with Mary escorting her to pre-surgery and post-surgery doctor visits.  It is exchanges like this that truly embody the TimeBank mission…   Read More






“After Accident, Eliot Finds Support and Comfort through the TimeBank”

“My whole life changed when I got hit by the car,” Eliot said as I wheeled him to the barbershop at ArchCare’s Mary Manning Walsh Home, where he now lives. “Everything changed in literally an instant.”…   Read More






“Dorothy’s Unexpected Opportunity to Serve Her Community”

“Of the 129 Bay Ridge community members who braved the April rain to collect groceries from the Bay Ridge Center Food Pantry, some may have been surprised to be signed in and given food by a woman who was wheelchair-bound and an amputee.”…   Read More






“In the TimeBank, Cici Finds Community After Life of Tumult”

“The ArchCare TimeBank gives its members a sense of community and empowerment. Cici doesn’t take this for granted; she’s been searching for it her entire life.”…   Read More







“TimeBank Story Featured in The Manhattan Times, The Bronx Free Press, and Catholic New York”

“Thanks to the ArchCare TimeBank, Jane received the support she needed after her surgery. Her inspiring story was featured in three newspapers!”…   Read More







“TimeBank Member Spreads Joy to Neighbors”

“When I look at what I do, it seems so small, but I see that in giving a little, I receive so much more.”…   Read More





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