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Updates on Coronavirus (COVID-19)


The situation is evolving rapidly. Please see the links below for the most up-to-date information.


Resources for our providers: 


Dealing with Stress, Anxiety and Worry

Stress, anxiety and worry: In the normal course of life we all experience these emotions to some extent. In the extraordinary and troubling times of the Covid-19 health crisis, these emotions can be even more challenging. They can overwhelm us, they can keep us from being present for ourselves, others and the things we hope to accomplish. As care givers and coworkers, we are also likely to observe others struggling with stress, anxiety and worry. Especially in observing others we can see how overwhelming these emotions can be. They risk causing more harm than the physical virus we are all working to conquer. Following are articles and tools which can be helpful in offering support for yourself and others in dealing with an overwhelming sense of stress, anxiety and worry. These resources range from meditation, to prayer, to knowledge, to physical activities and many other suggestions. At the core of any approach, whether it is yourself or others whom you would like to help, please start with listening. This is always the best thing you can do. For yourself, listening may be journaling or meditating or speaking to another so you can hear yourself describe what you are feeling and what helps you. The same is true in helping others. Listen to them. Ask about what they are feeling. Do not correct them or interrupt them. Let them describe what they are going through. After they tell you that, ask them what they draw strength and peace from. You will be surprised that often we have our own answers. If you find other resources, please email us at We are happy to include them here as a resource for others.


If you would like to speak with a chaplain or refer a resident to a chaplain, please also email us at the same address.


God bless,

ArchCare Health Care Chaplaincy Apostolate


Meditation Resources

Seven Ways to Navigate Emotional Turbulence

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