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Based on the Health Advisory on Skilled Nursing Facility Visitation from the NYS Department of Health

Issued on July 10, 2020

The Nursing Home must meet all of the criteria as outlined in the NYS Health Advisory (see below) to begin to allow limited visitation.

1. There have been no new, nursing home onset COVID-19 cases in the nursing home for 28 days (through phases one and two)

ArchCare at Ferncliff July 4, 2020 7 days August 1, 2020
ArchCare at SVdP June 25, 2020 16 days July 23, 2020
ArchCare at SVdP (ALP) May 13, 2020 59 days June 10, 2020
ArchCare at Carmel Richmond July 3, 2020 8 days July 31, 2020
ArchCare at TCC July 8, 2020 3 days August 5, 2020
ArchCare at MMW July 6, 2020 5 days  August 3, 2020

Criteria Met for ArchCare at Ferncliff Nursing Home, ArchCare at SVdP, ArchCare at Carmel Richmond, ArchCare at Terence Cardinal Cooke Health Care Center, ArchCare at Mary Manning Walsh Home

2. The nursing home is not experiencing staff shortages

3. The nursing home has adequate supplies of personal protective equipment and essential cleaning and disinfection supplies to care for residents

4. The nursing home has adequate access to testing for COVID-19 5. Referral hospital(s) have bed capacity on wards and intensive care units

Keeping our community safe, together. 

Our team is here to answer any questions that you may have. Call our dedicated COVID-19 hotline: 877-239-1998.

Available 24/7 or email


Pharmacy Access Information

ArchCare Advantage has contracts with pharmacies that equals or exceeds CMS requirements for pharmacy access in your area. We have a national network of more than 62,000 pharmacies, with more than 400 network pharmacies in our service area. To find a pharmacy near you use our online search tool by clicking here. If you want a Pharmacy Directory mailed to you, or if you need help finding a pharmacy, please call 1‑800‑373‑3177. You may also email your request for the directory at


Filling your prescriptions when you travel or are outside of the plan’s service area.

We encourage you to use our network pharmacies at all times to fill your prescriptions. If you take a prescription drug on a regular basis and you are going on a trip, be sure to check your supply of the drug before you leave. We cannot pay for any prescriptions that are filled by pharmacies outside the United States, even for a medical emergency. We will cover your prescription at an out-of-network pharmacy, if you are unable to get a covered drug in a timely manner within our service area because there are no network pharmacies within a reasonable driving distance that provide 24-hour service or if your are trying to fill a covered prescription drug that is not regularly stocked at an in-network pharmacy (these include certain types of specialty drugs). You will need to pay out of pocket for these drugs and then submit a paper claims to us for reimbursement.


How do I submit a paper claim?

When you go to a network pharmacy your claim is automatically submitted to us by the pharmacy. However, if you go to an out-of-network pharmacy for one of the reasons listed above, the pharmacy may not be able to submit the claim directly to us. When that happens, you will have to pay the full cost of your prescription.

To submit a paper claim, you must send us a copy of the receipt for the prescription from the out-of-network pharmacy along with a completed paper claim form. Please send your paper claim to Medicare Part D Paper Claims, PO Box 52066, Pheonix, AZ 85072-2066. For more information, you may call us at 1‑888‑816‑7977, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. For TTY, call 711.


Paper Claim Form

To view, please download a copy here:

Paper Claim Form



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