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ArchCare CareDiary spoke to Edith Chevat, author of the novels Love Lesson, The Book of Esther, and poem, "In the Eighties," about everyday challenges, rewards and perceptions related to aging. Listen to Edith Chevat's blogtalkradio post.

About Edith Chevat

Edith Chevat is the author of the novel Love Lesson, which received a starred review in Booklist, and the author of the chapbook Lost, a poem of personal loss and the loss of 9/11.

She is the editor of Girls: An Anthology. Her stories, interviews, and poems have appeared in periodicals and journals including Other Voices, Bridges, Global City Review, Home Planet News, Jewish Currents, and the anthology The One You Call Sister.

She is at work on a new novel, Crossroads.

She lives in New York City, within sight of Ground Zero.

Read Edith Chevat's inspirational poem, In the Eighties (After Listening to a Rabbi Talk About Aging)


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