Code of Conduct

Our Mission

The mission of ArchCare is to foster and provide faith-based holistic care to frail and vulnerable people unable to fully care for themselves. Through shared commitments, ArchCare seeks to improve the quality of the lives of those individuals and their families.

ArchCare Principles of Operations

Justice: We live and work as members of a community, and all members of our community have rights that are coupled with responsibilities. Inclusiveness: While we are unified as one community, each of us is valued for our unique heritage and defined only by our eagerness to contribute to the best of our abilities.

Respect: Each of us is as important as any other – whether resident, family, friend, volunteer or employee – and we must respect each other if we are to receive respect.

Integrity: To be a truly caring community, we must speak and act with total honesty, without concern for the consequences of our truthfulness.

Benevolence: We recognize that those with the greatest needs often have the least resources, and we will provide the same care to the disenfranchised that we do to those who have been more fortunate.

Humility: While subscribing to high ideals, we will recognize our individual and collective limits. Only then can we continue to grow towards who and what we so earnestly strive to be.

Spirituality: While we take pride in following the traditions of the Roman Catholic Church, we seek to serve people of all beliefs equally and to fulfill each individual’s spiritual needs by respecting their distinct beliefs.

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