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Cardinal Dolan Delivers Mobile Health Center Blessing

GOSHEN – Cardinal Timothy Dolan stopped by Goshen Wednesday afternoon to give his blessing to a new ArchCare mobile health facility aimed at helping those in the area unable to travel to receive medical attention and treatment. The center’s reach will extend from Goshen to Saugerties, and it will visit farms, parishes and community centers in an attempt to provide care to a demographic in need.

President and CEO Scott LaRue of ArchCare – the health care ministry of the Archdiocese of New York – said it will be “supporting the operational losses,” and expects “that 75 percent of the individuals that utilize these services will have no ability to pay.”

“This truly is a wonderful time for Hudson River Healthcare,” affirmed the Rev. Jeannette Phillips of HRHCare, who was one of the founders of the Hudson River Healthcare Center in 1975. “Some 40 years ago, the founding mothers had the spirit to be able to say ‘Yes, we can.’ And, so, today, I say ‘Here we are!’”

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