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A Message to Our Community from Scott, LaRue, President and CEO: I invite you to join me again on Wednesday, August 5th at 7:30PM for a live session. Please register for Q & A Session with Scott LaRue.

Based on the Health Advisory on Skilled Nursing Facility Visitation from the NYS Department of Health

Issued on July 10, 2020

The Nursing Home must meet all of the criteria as outlined in the NYS Health Advisory (see below) to begin to allow limited visitation.

1. There have been no new, nursing home onset COVID-19 cases in the nursing home for 28 days (through phases one and two)

ArchCare at Ferncliff July 4, 2020 7 days August 1, 2020
ArchCare at SVdP June 25, 2020 16 days July 23, 2020
ArchCare at SVdP (ALP) May 13, 2020 59 days June 10, 2020
ArchCare at Carmel Richmond July 3, 2020 8 days July 31, 2020
ArchCare at TCC July 8, 2020 3 days August 5, 2020
ArchCare at MMW July 6, 2020 5 days  August 3, 2020

Criteria Met for ArchCare at Ferncliff Nursing Home, ArchCare at SVdP, ArchCare at Carmel Richmond, ArchCare at Terence Cardinal Cooke Health Care Center, ArchCare at Mary Manning Walsh Home

2. The nursing home is not experiencing staff shortages

3. The nursing home has adequate supplies of personal protective equipment and essential cleaning and disinfection supplies to care for residents

4. The nursing home has adequate access to testing for COVID-19 5. Referral hospital(s) have bed capacity on wards and intensive care units

Keeping our community safe, together. 

Our team is here to answer any questions that you may have. Call our dedicated COVID-19 hotline: 877-239-1998.

Available 24/7 or email


Exceptional and innovative HIV/AIDS care

  • The HIV/AIDS Unit at ArchCare at Terence Cardinal Cooke Health Care Center was the first long-term skilled nursing program in New York dedicated exclusively to caring for people with HIV/AIDS. Since 1989, the 156-bed unit has grown to become a recognized center of excellence and one of the largest programs of its kind in the country. Few healthcare facilities anywhere have responded as creatively and with as strong a commitment to addressing the special physical, emotional and spiritual needs of this unique population.


  • Patients receive care from an interdisciplinary team led by physicians who specialize in infectious diseases. Medical and supportive services are focused on stabilizing the progression of patients’ illnesses and improving their health and well-being so they can return safely to the community. Palliative care and pain management, wound and tracheotomy care, cognitive care for patients with dementia, dental care, and a full range of physical, occupational and behavioral health and other therapies are tailored to the needs of people living with HIV/AIDS. Hospice care is provided through Calvary Hospital and other programs, while methadone maintenance, substance abuse recovery and smoking-cessation programs are also available.


  • The unit’s award-winning Joel Schnaper Memorial Garden is an oasis of peace and tranquility for residents and visitors alike. The garden allows patients to stay connected with nature, and also serves as an inviting location for social activities and exercise.


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ArchCare at Terence Cardinal Cooke Health Care Center
1249 Fifth Avenue
New York, NY 10029

Main: 1‑212‑360‑1000
Admissions: 1‑212‑360‑3980

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